Do Soul Mates Really Exist?

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Your Soul Mate


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Soul Mates of Wishful Thinking?

Do soul mates really exist? Being compatible is one thing, but being two halves of a whole??

Where did this idea come from? Is it part of the land of woo-woo, where fairy tales and nursery rhymes comes from? Some would say yes; others would disagree vehemently.

So, which category do you fall into? If you have yet to meet the love of your life – are you holding out for Mr Right because you believe there is only one true match? Or are you over this whole soul mate thing and ready to get out there and entertain close-to, nearly-there, not quite possibilities?

According to Wikipedia the concept of a soul amte goes back to at least ancient Greek times and the Greek Philosophers. Aside thought: how many ancient philosophers actually married, entered committed relationships or found their soul mates? Mmm? I thought so – hardly any at all. So, what would they know.

I just tried to find an image that symbolises ‘soul mate’ and none, not one can I find. Proving further, that those Greeks knew nothing about matters of the heart!

Your Soul Mate

Your Soul Mate

Back on topic…

Soul Mates

Sure, we all know people who have idealistic relationships. They are truly in love – not like hollywood love – but truly, deeply committed to and great for each other!

Well, at least on the surface they appear to have their act together. Remember though, that there are loads of smoke and mirror  illusions in life and things that seems to be so  perfect – aren’t necessarily so. For a start, who needs this pressure of perfection? Isn’t life hard enough without expecting your partner to be your ideal – your soul mate?

Why not settle for a great-for-me mate instead?

On balance, I’m not so sure that soul mates exist. The philosophers had it all wrong, I say. Don’t wait for your soul mate. Compromise and you will surely find a good soul who is a great fit for you. That should be enough to sustain a lifetime relationship.

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