Do You Love Too Much?

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Women Who Love Too Much

Of course there is such a thing as loving too much. This goes for guys as much as girls.

Sure you can talk about the caveman days and the alpha male but realistically women have been known to love too much, just like men.

That said, there’s a difference between being compatible and devoted to someone you love and loving them too much.

Are you stifling your loved one? That sure can be a reason for them to leave you. So, if you want your guy to stick around don’t smother him. He is not your life project. You don’t have to, and you should not put all your effort into him.

Yes you love him. Yes he loves you. Now get a life. having that one special person in your life does not mean that you stop living. Keep working on yourself – bring new people into your life – take a personal development course – and another one.

Don’t confuse the two. Love is one thing; smothering is another. Avoid the second; use the first as a string board into life.

So, Are a Woman Who Loves Too Much?


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