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Do you Want to Flirt Like the Queen of Flirting?

Are you looking for something to give you the edge when it comes to dating? Are you looking for one dating tip that will clinch the deal? Flirting is the way to go. And who better to learn from than Patty Contenta?

Patty Contenta knows a thing or two about flirting. In fact, she is probably the Queen of Flirting and even if you think you are an expert when it comes to men and flirting with them, you may just learn something new from Patty.

After you listen to Patty talking about flirting it makes you realize how positive and life affirming it really can be. If you think flirting is about luring and entrapment. Forget it. The way Patty deals with flirting it is just another tool a for being noticed. Nothing sleazy. Gentle flirting, as opposed to overt flaunting is a good thing.

Tips for Flirting

So, if you are in the dating game or looking to re-enter it, then take a few tips on flirting and get practicing.

Flirting is a great way to show up on the people radar. So, if you are tired of going unnoticed by guys, try a bit of gentle flirting. It may be enough to persuade him to get you know you better.

Watch Patty Contenta in action – and learn.

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