When Good Relationship Goes Bad

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When Good Relationships Go Bad


Love Goes Pear Shaped

Here is a younger person’s take on relationships. In the beginning, all is sweet and light and you two are probably highly compatible.

We all know that wonderful feeling at the beginning of a relationship. Can’t get them off of our minds; can’t stop day dreaming about them. Suddenly the world is filled with small reminders of them. Wonderful reminders. Reminders that tell you how great you are together. It seems there’s nothing that life can throw at you that doesn’t compatibility test your relationship and show you up in a good light.

However, you’re wondering, did you get on without them? How did you manage to find meaning in life, when now, suddenly they are your reason for living?

Have you ever been swept along like this? Before you know it you are blurting it out all over. He is ‘the one’. He is the best; the greatest, the most fantastic person you have ever met. It is like he is a god. There he sits on a pedestal – the pedestal you’ve made for him. Like it or not, in your mind that is where he belongs. On a pedestal at the centre of your world.

Elevated to God Status

Mmm. We have all got swept away in the moment. We have all elevated someone to the status of god, but let’s face it, how long can this unnatural balance last? Him up there; you down here – yes, I know your feet barely touch the ground these days, but noen the less, you are earthbound and he is a demi-god – of your own making.

Then, it all falls apart and you’re left wondering what ever did you see in this guy in the first time.

Extricate yourself, with dignity, as best you can …. and move on.

When Good Relationships Go Bad

When Good Relationships Go Bad








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