Looking for a Different Kind Of Marriage? Wedding Proposal

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Wedding Proposal

If you are not a traditionalist but are planning on popping the big question, why not do it differently? If you’re so compatible with your partner why not pop the question and make it a lifetime

Here are some of the ways that others have tried before and have succeeded with. They are pretty off the wall but if you want to set the tone for a life time of bliss – take inspiration from these different styles.

1. Geeky Style Marriage Proposal

2. Techie Style

You probably don’t work for Google, or Apple or Facebook because if you did you would have already dreamed up 100 new ways to propose based on all the technology at hand.

So for us mere mortals, here is the way one Google guy got his lady to say yes using Google Street View.

3. Will you be my Muppet?

This guy ordered the muppet dolls that look like him and his gal; made a video; took her to the movies and had the video shown before the main feature. It did the trick. She said yes.

4. Does She Light Up Your World?

This is definitely for the serious techie who has loads of time on his hands and nothing is too much trouble for the one he loves. Is this you? Check out the video below and the site to see how it’s done.

Light Writing Proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo.

So, there you have it. If you’ve been dating awhile and have your own ideas about what you will do one day to propose, leave your comments below.

So, now you have my thoughts on Wedding Proposals…

Watch the video and leave your comments below

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