Virgo Pisces Love: Does it Exist?

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Virgo and Pisces Love


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Pisces: your dates are February 20 – March 19; you are a water sign; your ruling planet is Neptune; your symbol is the Fish; and your sign is mutable

Virgo: your dates are August 24 – September 23; you are an earth sign; your ruling planet is Mercury; your symbol is the Virgin; and your sign is flexible or mutable

Pisces Virgo Compatibility

You are both sensitive by nature.

You like to manage life in an organized way and be very clear about the things you do. You both enjoy other people and, in the end, your life goals are pretty similar, even though you set about achieving them in very different ways.

There is potential for a good balance in your relationship and, your relationship is an example of opposites on the Zodiac wheel attracting.

One of you tends to give and judge and give and judge. The other just gives and gives.

One of you (Virgo) likes to diarize everything and expects the other to fit in. Pisces, you need independence and because of this, you need to let Virgo know that you intend to keep making your own arrangements, rather than hand over your diary to your Virgin.

If you respect these differences this will be a strong relationship.

More About The Fish and The Virgin

One of the areas in life where Pisces struggles is making hard decisions. Pisces can see most situations from most angles and this is what makes it hard for them to decide. It’s as though they have information overload and, it is no wonder, because Pisces are the most intuitive of all the Signs.

You, Virgo, are a perfectionist. You like things to be clean, organized and tidy and you are meticulous when it comes to getting things done. Your attention to detail is very obvious to others who may even refer to you as anal. So try and not overdo this perfection thing. It can be off-putting to potential partners.

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