Virgin Virgo or Just Pretending?

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Fun With Virgo

So, are all people born under the Star Sign Virgo virgins? I don’t think so, do you?

Virgo people tend to be patient (as in tolerant, rather than inpatients in hospitals).

They tend to be organised – what does you book shelf look life? Is you sock drawer arranged neatly, anally or not at all? If the first option fits the description, you are a Virgo. If the middle option is more accurate, you might like to explore changing star signs – you were obviously switched at birth anyhow.

So, ‘fess up Virgo, what is your obsession? You do have one, don’t you and even if you are a bit embarrassed about it, you love that part of your life – you tend it, look after it lovingly and guard it protectively. So, what is it? A stamp collection; set of toby jugs; a collection of skulls or skeletons. Whatever it is, you are allowed to have your obsessions Virgo, just don’t over obsess about them.

Are you really cold and indifferent? You certainly have a tendency to come across like this, especially when you’re in the relationship game. So, Virgo, you need to warm up a bit and let that martyr image fall by the way side. Let’s be honest here, who wants to team up with someone who’ s likely to be die dramatically in the line of duty –  well, in the role of a living being anyway! See the video for a fuller explanation.

Does the big picture escape you Virgo? Are you too busy sorting out your life to notice that you are headed for a cliff? Mind you, you are good at relationships Virgo as long as they put their big preconceptions about who and what a date should look like, be like, feel like and sound like. Not that Virgos are closed minded – they just have some very  set ideas that any new partner will soon discover.

So, truthfully, has your Virgo indexed you or actually committed to you?

Fun With Virgo

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