If You Think Others Are Holding You Back – Think Again

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Do You Suffer From Victim Mentality? How to You Cope With Personal Success – and Failure?

With personal development and evolution comes many realizations. How else can it be? If we start to make changes then those changes are like ripples. They go out into our world and there are some who will embrace those ripples and there are others who will see them as giant waves. They will resist the changes we have made.

But they can’t stop us. Unless we let them.

So, what do you catch yourself saying? I can’t do this because of:

  • my mother
  • my father
  • my husband
  • my girlfriends
  • my co-workers ……….
  • my therapist
  • my accountant
  • my [insert your own title here]

Some of us think others have more power over us than they truly do. Yes, it’s correct that some of us are in the habit of giving away our power – ‘You decide honey’; ‘Whatever you want dear’ etc.

As Marie Forleo points out, while all of us probably have at least a small dose of victim mentality inside us, which we bring out when things go wrong, or the going gets tough, or we just run out of oomph. The trick is not to give into this. It’s a trap to think and act like a victim and pretty soon the trap becomes a habit.

Many of us are trained from an early age to blame others.

Do you do that?

As Marie says: STOP IT.

For too long we’ve been conditioned to paint ourselves as the victim.

Have a look around. If your life looks like a soap opera chances are you’ve been in victim mode a very long time.

No one is holding you back from moving out of the victim role. It is all in your head. Yes, I know it is easier in the short run not to take responsibility but if you want true change in your life, and I hope that’s why you’ve read this far, then may I suggest you stop playing the victim card.

Take responsibility for who is in your life. If you have true love and you’re not playing the victim to keep that love, then work hard to keep that love.

If your relationship involves victims then I’d suggest you get help to break the cycle.

Whatever you do, work to get rid of the victim mentality.

Take responsibility for the bad in your life; don’t blame others. Get rid of the victim mindset that may be holding you back right now.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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