The Ultimate Kissing Quiz

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Heard about the New and Ultimate Kissing Quiz ?

Summertime Romance

It’s big on a number if fronts and while it may be a bit of a laugh you may actually learn a bit about yourself and your partner if you both do it together.

Of course, there are different types of kissing and not all encounters are of an intimate nature.

Kissing can be a gesture of love or affection. It is natural act practise by many, perfected by few.

Psychologists say it can give great satisfaction to some and some physical satisfaction too.

According to Wikipedia: A kiss is the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body parts of another or of an object. Hadn’t thought much about kissing an object but….. might be good for some?

So, does kissing keep love alive? sure it does. It just depends on who the giver and receiver are. A romantic kiss will win her heart every time. So, get practicing.

So, where did this ancient art originate? Why does it feel so good? And do some people dislike it and why?

So, now you have my thoughts. Leave your comments below.


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The Ultimate Kissing Quiz


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