Tale of Two Brains

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Two Brains – better then one?

What a wonderful take on the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus syndrome

Men and women are wired differently. Our neck top computers (our brains) seem to have not only different functions, they seem to function differently.

Women’s brains are wired for detail. Men, on the other hand, have brains that are wired for the big picture – they like to scan.

Take these example:

  • How was your day? Typically, men will answer it was OK; women will go into paragraphs of explanation
  • They had a baby. What was it? Men will reply it was a baby; women want the details – the sex, the weight, method of delivery etc
  • Women usually don’t give an abridged version of events; they relive it in detail (if it was good enough the first time to go through, it is good enough to relive in detail)

Bottom line: men want the bottom line not the details. Perhaps they even operate on a need to know basis. If it doesn’t affect them they probably don’t need to know. So, ladies, try skipping the detail and see if they even notice. It may just save your marriage and preserve your sanity.

If you want to know more, buy a copy of Men are from Mars…….

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