Toxic Attraction

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Just the name toxic attraction gives me the creeps.

How about you?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


Toxic – deadly, poisonous, sinister, destructive – even deadly.

I’m sure that destructive relationships kill us just like when people die of a broken heart.

So, the trick to avoiding toxic relationships it is to know ourselves first. As you probably know there are patterns in most things in life – even in ourselves. If we can identify these patterns, especially the harmful ones, then I think we have a better chance of breaking these old habits. That is essentially what toxic behaviors are – they are toxic habits that we have fallen into, usually without even knowing it.

Do you have unhealthy patterns that see you attracting the same sort of partner time after time? If you do, then you need to work on breaking that cycle.

If you want a different type of partner or you want to attract the right sort of partner then change needs to come from within you first, compatibility – true compatibility will come later.

For things to change first I must change. If you like that, remember it!

Take a quick audit of your past relationships. Be honest. Did you attract what you wanted or what you needed?

There’s a difference. If we are in the cycle of self destruct then chances are we are getting what we think we need, when in fact it is more of what we want. Can you see the difference?

If you have attracted the wrong sort of person, the person who in the end has kept you in a ‘stuck state’, then chances are you are in a cycle of toxic attraction. Stop it Now!

Attraction is not love. Don’t get them confused. Maybe there is a degree of attraction within love but they are not the same.

Attraction is more about co-dependency. It is about finding friends, partners, work mates who in the end have a vested interest in you staying as you are. If you stay as you are, they probably love it because you staying the same validates them They don’t want change. They want confirmation that they are fine (even if deep down they don’t believe it).

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