Teen Brain – a Work in Progress!

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Do You have a Teenage Brain?

Science is now catching up with the reality that the teen brain is different and these differences may not be confined to the teenage years.

So, if you find yourself acting like a teen it might be better to understand why you do what you do rather than beat up on yourself.

Between the ages of 12 years and adulthood the brain goes through a hug amount of reconnecting. It literally rewires itself and with this action comes some oftentimes extreme, unexplainable behaviour.

Do you catch yourself doing things that seem out of character? Dating the wrong person; putting yourself in vulnerable positions; leaving yourself exposed to wrong influences.

You may just be behaving life a teen!

Adolescence is a time of resculpting the grey matter and with this reworking comes impulses and vulnerabilities.

So, are you cleverer than your parents? If you are a teenager, probably not – not yet anyway. One day you will be a  for your parents but that day won’t be until your mid 20’s onwards.

So, now you have my thoughts on the Teenage Brain…

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