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Sweet Poison

Are you finding it hard to find love or keep love alive? Do you feel negative about how you look? Have you tried loads of things to sculpt your body into shape but nothing has worked?

David Gillespie, the author of the book Sweet Poison is not a GP but he knows a thing or two about weight-gain, diets sugar and body image.

Are you overweight? Do you have trouble controlling yourself when it comes to food?

Ever thought why this is?

Check out the video above now.

I need to confess that I’m not a big fan of dieting. I just don’t get it. Anyway, today I was visiting the dermatologist and the rooms next door are called the Bariatric Consulting Suite. I was on the look out for huge, morbidly obese people – on their way to having their stomachs banded. And you know what, I didn’t see this type of person. I saw overweight women (mainly) and only one is what I would call unmotivated.

All this is beside the point but it is a good entree into the book Sweet Poison. I recommend this book. Yes, it’s a bit technical; yes, it is devoid of pretty pictures; but it makes a very interesting read.

There is also the Sweet Poison Quit Plan which is the long-awaited ‘how to’ supplement to the best-selling Sweet Poison.

Check them both out and begin to understand why you may be finding it hard to get the body you want.

So, you’ve watched the video on Sweet Poison.

You’ve read my opinion on this.

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