Surviving Infidelity

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Can you Survive Infidelity?

Infidelity is such a strange word. Don’t you agree? It sounds cold and aloof. In fact, I think of infidelity more in terms of noise – as in sound fidelity. But, maybe Im showing my age.

So, what is infidelity and why should you be worried? Infidelity is the act of being unfaithful to your spouse or partner. It implies more than just having a love affair.

Regardless of how the actual word comes across, infidelity is a powerful thing and it can be devastating to your relationship. So, will either of you stray? Or, have you already been unfaithful in your marriage?

In the above video, one couple talk about the unfaithfulness that nearly recked their future together. It is quite gobsmacking to watch two people airing their dirty linen in public, but hey, this is the age of the internet.

So, what would you  do if your partner strayed? What are you doing about it if he has been with another woman? I always think that there is a big difference between what people would say hypothetically – as in before it happened to them – and after they find out it has happened.

So, if you are starting out on a relationship, you might like to discuss with your partner what you think you would like to happen if he or you are unfaithful, before it actually happens.

Do you want to know? Does he want to know? That is a big, big question. And you might be surprised at the answers.

So, now you have my thoughts on Surviving Infidelity…

Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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