Break the Silence on Suicide Survivors

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Surviving Suicide Attempt

Have you ever felt so low you didn’t feel you could get any lower? Each day a staggering number of people worldwide take themselves to the brink – to the fine line that separates life from death – and many live on. They are not part of a known statistics because these people don’t actually commit suicide – they fail.

Suicide, or attempted suicide is a cry for help. Sure, it may be brought on by a marriage that couldn’t be saved or a dating mess. But oftentimes, that is just the final strain that makes up snap.

Those who choose to try and take their lives can see no other option. They may have asked for help. They may not have found the words to do so before their attempted suicide failed and chances are they will still struggle with their demons long after it.

The battle with suicide is a personal one and it doesn’t end until death, natural or otherwise.

Thoughts of taking your own life are often connected to sense of self and aloneness and disconnect from society.

Do you know someone who may just be thinking of ending it all? They wont be wearing a badge or waving a banner saying ‘help me’ but if your intuition tells you they are in need, ask them, point blank. Talk of suicide, not the glorification of it needs to be brought centre stage into the limelight. It is real; it does happen every moment of every day and it is preventable.

Talk about suicide. It is a crisi that is happening right now amongst us and “it is a conversation worth having.”

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