How to Survive Canceling Your Wedding

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Stop The Wedding

You’ve done it. You have hit the cancel button on the rest of your life, or that is what it feels like. You have had the courage to say no to a life not well lived and now you have to deal with the fall out.

The sun will come up tomorrow; the world will continue to turn on its axis; you’re friends will start to understand, if they truly are your friends; and your family will (eventually) forgive you or alternatively and spontaneously tell you you have just made the best  decision of your short life. Whatever the outcome, you will survive.

Perhaps you really weren’t that compatible and in your heart of hearts you knew this. Better to confront your doubts now than to have them confirmed in your long and loveless marriage.

And, just to reassure you, here is the song that helps build strong, female, resilience.

Youve done it.

You’ve pulled the plug on your big day.

Cancel The Wedding

You have stopped the wedding juggernaut in its tracks.

Well done You!

There is life after the cancelation and I’m here to give you a few tips:

  • stop crying – it will get in the way of being practical
  • only cry when you are asking for your deposits back
  • sell the ring and split the money
  • cancel everything fast but make sure you personally are not left to pay any outstanding charges all by yourself
  • ring the guests or better still get others to help you with this. Get your ex to ring his friends and family and let them know the news
  • return all the gifts, even the things you were looking forward to using
  • make a note to yourself to not go where you’ll bump into your ex
  • plan an unwedding party for the day that should have been your wedding day
  • don’t run away or hide your head in the sand. You have just been brave and you should act like a brave warrior
  • plan the next stage of your life. You don’t have to turn yourself into a nunnery. Conversely, you don’t want to fall into someone’s arms on the rebound – mucky and ugly
  • sell that wedding dress. New wedding; new you; new groom; new dress. yes I know you love it but it is a symbol of unlove, so let it go just like you freed up your fiance.

That’s it really.

Surround yourself with people who love, understand, support and even applaud your decision. Avoid those people who are threatened by your bravery (they’re probably stuck in an unhappy marriage anyway). You didn’t set out to deceive anyone, least of all yourself and so you need not feel that stopping a wedding is anything to be ashamed of. Hold your head up high.

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