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Single Mom – Dating Tips

Have you ever lined up a date, got excited at the prospect of what the relationship may hold for you and then …… cancelled? You are not alone. We all get cold feet and it seems the more we are out of practice the easier it is to cancel and postpone and delay and procrastinate and …… make excuses.

You need to stop this now. Unless there is a very reasonable reason as to why you keep setting yourself up for failure it’s time for you to follow through. Heaven knows there are enough disappointments in life, stop letting yourself down.

Hey, it’s a great feeling that buzz that you are about to check out a new date. Sure, it can be unnerving but maybe he feels the same too. Ever thought that he might be just as scared, petrified, and nervous as you? It is a definite possibility and you cancelling on him may be just as hard for him as it is for you.

So, next time you grab your cell to text “I’m sorry’ think again. You may be more sorry that you’ve pulled out than if you had gone along for the date.

Keep things in perspective and if you’re first gut feeling is that he is nice, stick with that! Follow through Single Mom. You are brave and strong and being a Mum, you are learning not only for yourself but for your children.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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