What are the Signs of a Cheating Heart?

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Signs of an Affair

In the video above this couple talks about the marriage and long term relationships and signs of an affair. They open by saying that 25% of men have cheated on their partners and 17% of women. Are you one of these?

Or are you the woman who has been wronged? What possible excuse can there be for violating the trust your partner has place in you? How bad do things have to get so that you prefer cheating and being unfaithful over confiding and discussing and working on your love relationship?

Dont think you won’t get caught. Don’t think it won’t happen to you. An affair is not just something that happens to the other girls. Infidelity is not just something that other people experience. it can happen to you.

Are you prepared? Do you recognise the signs of an affair? Do you know what you will do if and when those signs become so obvious you can’t ignore them?

I think its a good idea to stop and think what you will do with the information before you get it. What will you do if you find, conclusively and without doubt that your partner is playing away from home? I reckon it is a good idea to at least get some idea what you will do before you actually have your suspicions confirmed. Don’t you?

Signs of Affair

Cheating and the Signs of an Affair

What Do You Do When You See the Sign of Infidelity?

How has it come to this in your relationship? Here you are having suspicions, about to confront your partner about those suspicions. What will you do if she confirms that she is having an affair? What will you do if you don’t believe her when she says she hasn’t strayed from home? Ever thought about that. Confronting your partner is one thing but what will you do with the response.

On the one hand there is no point in staying in a relationship because you’ve made a commitment. On the other, think before you ask the question that may split you apart forever, I say. What do you think?

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