5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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Do You Want to Get Back With You Ex?

Here are five signs that your ex wants to get back with you. Before you decide, watch the video and check out this post on Break Up Make Up and the complete cycle of love before you decide.

Anyway, here are five tips if you can’t work it out for yourself. Does your ex really, truly, madly, deeply wants to get back with you?

  • jealous

This is usually a great indicator that things are not cool between you. Having said that though, is this one of his qualities that you would call endearing? Jealousy is called the green eyed monster for a reason but if you are OK with that, then notice whether your guy is jealous of you and who you hang out with.

  • dropping hints

Is your ex dropping hints like ‘gee I miss going clothes shopping with you’ or ‘you know what, Im actually at a lose end this weekend’. That kind of hint dropping. It’s hard to know what to say when he comes right out and says things like this but, you can stay silent, not rise to the bait and …… just notice.

  • ¬†they change their plans

I remember one time this guy found out I was in on a Saturday nite and he came half way across town just to spend the night in with me. He canceled his plans with other friends, got on his bike (literally) and there he was on my doorstep, bottle of wine in hand. Now that was a no-brainer. This guy was looking to come back into my life

  • dating

Has your ex held off dating since you broke up? That is a good sign that he hasn’t moved on emotionally. You probably still occupy the centre stage in his heart.

  • meeting up

Do you seem to find you ex is waiting around every corner? Chances are this is not a coincidence. He is probably timing his visited to the bars and stores where you go because he knows your routines. It might look innocent but the more coincidences you have the less likely it is. He is wanting you back in his life right now.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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