Scorpio Pisces Love: The Real Thing?

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Scorpio Pisces Love

Pisces: your dates are February 20 – March 19; you are a water sign; your ruling planet is Neptune; your symbol is the Fish; and your sign is mutable

Scorpio: your dates are October 24 – November 22; you are also a water sign; your ruling planet is Pluto; your symbol is the Scorpion; and your sign is fixed

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

This is a good match. You are both empathetic and naturally aware of the other’s needs.

You are both passionate and Scorpio, if you can trust your Fish more and be less suspicious of them, you will find the Fish a faithful partner.

Pisces, you need to let Scorpio know, in no uncertain terms, that you hate being scrutinized. Pisces needs their freedom and Scorpio, you need to put away your microscope trust your partner more.

For your part, Pisces, you need to play down secrecy thing and not overplay your intuition. If you don’t you are likely to drive Scorpio mad.

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