Have Fun with Scorpio But Watch that Sting

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Scorpio Fun Facts

According to this video those born under the Star Sign of Scorpio are the most likely to have a complex about their  own zodiac sign. LOL!

Or is that really so?

Let’s hear from all you Scorpions out there? Fact or fiction?

Are you more vengeful than others or just more focussed? Let’s be kind and say you are the latter.

Are you ‘too stubborn to die under normal circumstances”? Or more kindly, is it more accurate to say that your tough exterior is really what helps you get through?

How touchy are you Scorpio? Does someone invading your privacy really get to you more than it should? Or are people being unkind when they point this out?

So, what about your moods and intensity? Have you ever been told to lighten up? Have you ever acted upon this suggestion? I thought not.

But that isnt necessarily a bad thing, if you focus (there’s that word again) your internal resources on helping a just and worthy cause (and we are not talking about helping yourself to a better love life).

Remember Scorpio: if you want to walk hand in hand with someone through life, don’t insist on having the upper hand – at least all of the time.

Scorpio Fun Facts

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