Are Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatible?

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

These two star signs area very good zodiac match but in the way some will want. Romantically, this horoscope match is not ideal. Chances are a friendship will develop first; there will probably be a few falling outs too. You will cry on each other’s shoulders one minute and then hate each other the next.

As far as friendship goes, you are honest and compatible but when it comes to romance, as inevitably your relationship will turn to, the road will be rocky. You are both courageous and adventurous. Scorpio you are a lover; Sagittarius you are an explorer, seeking freedom and knowledge.

Your friendship will be deep, but when love moves into the mix, there will be an almost combustible combination of companionship, intimacy, and passion. Sagittarius and Scorpio, if you want this relationship to be more than friendship and stay that way, both partners will have to use all their diplomatic skills to tip toe around each other, be prepared to say sorry early and often, and put in loads of hard work and be prepared to persevere.

If you think you can do all this, then go for it!

Horoscope Compatibility Summary: Courageous, Excessive, Devout

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