Sagittarius Pisces – A Good Match?

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Sagittarius and Pisces

These two zodiac star signs have a lot in common but, that is not to say, this coupling makes for easy love and compatibility.

There is a sense of destiny that comes with this horoscope match but this destiny will either match up or clash, depending on what your ideals and ideas are. Sagittarius, the Archer and Pisces, the Fish can learn a lot of life lessons from each other – if they can stay the distance together that is.

Both horoscope signs are open minded and renowned for changing their minds. So, for these love birds to stay together and feel connected, truly connected, is not easy. Pisces can come across as changeable – a real vacillator. Sagittarius, you are always off chasing rainbows or ventures and in this darting here and there you may lose Pisces.

No matter if your relationship is long- or short-lived and passionate you will learn much from each other. Take the relationship for what it is and for how ever long it feels right. Pisces, be careful though, not to let Sagittarius unwittingly hurt your feelings.

More about Sadge and The Fish

Sadge: Don’t be deceived by the fact that your Sagittarian looks like they’re breezing through life. They aren’t actually. A true Sagittarian will seek out truth, understanding, meaning and purpose in all that they do and this depth of enquiry should not be overlooked.

Pisces: You are fond of culture, music and art and love being surrounded with classic finery. You want the world to be perfect, but it isn’t Pisces. You are an idealist, a dreamer and part of your challenge is to accept what can’t be changed in life.

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