Looking to Date a Sagittarius Man?

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Are You Sure You’re Compatible with that Sagittarius Man?

These guys are full of themselves. If you want to attract and keep a Sagittarius male, just agree with them. hat’s all you need to do because as far as astrological compatibility is concerned they get on with the star signs that do that. This seems a pretty good, hard and fast rule. Just go along with whatever they say and you’ll keep them.

But is that really what you want? Better check first to see if you two are astrologically compatible. If your horoscopes don’t align, why bother with all this talk of becoming a sycophant – unless that is what you are or want to become. If you’re a Yes-woman whatever you say, then this Sagittarius guy might just be for you.

These guys are up there and they let you know what they are thinking without a second thought of who they might hurt. Are you up for that type of brutal honesty? Still interested in you Sagittarian male?

Don’t expect to put demands on your man. He likes his freedom and he loves your honesty. Don’t try and tie him down. It just won’t work. he is a roamer. If you want a home and a family, look elsewhere or be prepared to go it alone. This guy will not stick around – usually anyway.

So, now you have my thoughts on the Sagittarius Man.

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