Royal Wedding

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Royal Romance

I cant believe it! What a coincidence – or is it?

This website started on 29 April, 2011 the day of the Royal Wedding in London. Is this a good sign? I certainly hope so. Let’s hope that my commitment and love 0f this site is as strong as the pledge that Kate and William made to each other today in Westminster Abbey.

Can we all expect to find a prince riding out on a white horse (or flying over on a helicopter?) to save us from ourselves?

Indeed, do we need saving? And if we do, what are we being saved from? Our dreary lives; our ho hum routine; our boring predictable way of life; a lack of romance and spontaneity?

There are I suggest millions of things that we think will enliven our lives but do we need a modern day prince or princess to deliver them to us?

Are we not resourceful and capable enough (at least some of the times) to get what we need and put it to work in our lives? Will we ever be truly happy if we keep looking to another person to serve us up a dose of happiness?

Sure we all have wobbly day when life gets too much and we want to be rescued by a member of the Royal family (any royal family will probably do) but honestly, is this really a life plan?

I dont think so.

So, now you have my thoughts on the Royal Romance.

Watch the video and leave your comments below.


We all need romance, loads of it I suggest and if we can’t get it first hand let’s experience it vicariously through modern day fairy tale characters like Kate and Wills.

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