Romantic Love or Lust?

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Romantic Love Words


The Science of Romantic Love

Where is love going? Dr Helen Fisher has explored love from a research point of view for many years.

Here she talks about what it means to feel romantic love and to keep love so that it evolves into attachment love.


  • the center of the earth shifts from me to thee
  • feel intense elation and despondency
  • sexually possessive
  • craving to be with that person
  • extreme wanting and obsession

People in love, when asked if they would die for their partner, inevitable answer yes! Think about that.

If I asked you would you die for your partner, would you? Powerful thing is love. Or is it just the chemicals talking?

Ask someone to go to bed with you and if they say no, most people cope with the response. Tell someone you love them and they don’t reciprocate and there is suddenly intense rejection.

People live for love, die for love and some will kill for romantic love.

How to Keep Romance Alive

There are three types of love or three brain systems, namely:

  • Sex Drive or Lust (get a partner, explore)
  • Romantic Love (focus mating energy)
  • Attachment Love (tolerate to raise a child)
Lust is intense desire; love is emotional attachment and desire.
Love or lust? What about healing through fantasy?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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