Why Him? Why Her?

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Romance and the Patterns of Attraction

Have you noticed a pattern in your dating routine? Have you seen a pattern arising in who you are attracted to, even who you have committed to?

Check out this video and think about the patterns in your love life. Do you find love and keep love alive? Or do you run the other way?

Science has a thing or two to say about romance and our patterns of attraction. See if what Helen Fisher says in this video resonates with you.

We are all a bunch of chemicals and hormones. Who we are and who we are attracted to are determined by a few specific reactions that fire off in our bodies and make us who we are.

That is a reassuring thought and a disconcerting fact all in one. Does that mean to say we can blame all our faults and mistakes on chemical imbalances? Nice try. No. We have freewill and we are free to make good choices and not so good choices and enjoy the consequences thereof.

So, next time you look at him and feel attracted, think why him? When next you feel the pull of romantic attraction to her, take a moment to reflect, why her? You will be amazed at what a moment’s thought will reveal.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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