Tips to Keep Your Romance Alive

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Keep Romance

Romance, and romancing is how we maintain our love vital and alive. Romance is the language of love. So, if you want to keep love alive, check out this video.

There are so many great ideas in this video that I had to take notes and share them with you.

This video is from Dr Sheri Meyers, Marriage and Family Therapist.

Tips to Keep Romance Alive

These are the three A’s.

  • attention
    • pay attention to love
    • express it daily
    • 3 times a day  – at different times
  • acknowledgment
    • for all your partner does for you (and vice versa)
    • or recognition of the important role that they play in your life
    • say it in words and show it with your affection
  • appreciation
    • be generous with praise
    • look for the good in your partner and express it
    • it feels personally good to focus on the positive and so pay attention to what you appreciate

Stages of Love and Romance

  • in the beginning thee is romantic love. This is the falling in love part
  • later the relationship will move towards real love. This is when the rose colored glasses come off and the couple see each others failings and they remain in love
  • as couples settle into their relationship the love becomes less passionate and this is understandable because our brains settle down and, in turn, we settle into real love

Why Does Romance Die?

  • because we make excuses – too busy, too tired, too poor
  • we become frightened – fear is like the opposite of love
  • we get out of the habit. Be careful how you say goodbye in the morning and hello at night. Pay attention to these reconnecting moments
  • we don’t take the time for our relationship. Need to schedule us time.

Great advice from a woman who knows her stuff.

Romance is just one of the things that will help sustain your relationship. Read other ideas here.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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