5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Marriage Counselling

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Relationship Therapist


Need a Relationship Therapist?

  • Admit it, you have a problem
No big deal, everyone has problems in their marriage at some stage or another. it doesn’t mean you are any less in love.  And, it is not so much that you have a problem, but what you do about it. You know what? All that great advice you’ve been dispensing to your friends left right and center will now come in handy for you. Take your advice and get help
  • Admit you might be part of the problem
Sure you are part of the solution and you know what, even just by being in your marriage, even if you haven’t done anything bad, you are part of the problem. Do you have that road law/insurance claim clause where you are that says just because you’re on the road means you are guilty, even if it is only 5% guilty. None the less you were in the wrong spot at the wrong time and you are deemed a little bit guilty. Same goes for marriage problems I reckon.
Relationship Therapist

Relationship Therapist

Marriage Counsellor

  • Get a grip and consider changing yourself
Have you heard the saying, for things to change first I must change? Well, maybe the first change you are bringing about in your marriage is asking for help, and that is a big step. Make no mistake, so many of us flounder through life, winging it. To admit you need help if a big step in the right direction.
  • Keep your expectations under lock and key
We all have expectations of everything, everyone, even life itself. Before you start your counseling, be clear on what you expect from yourself, your partner and your counselor.
  • Be kind and gentle on yourself and above all be patient with your partner and counselor
Your relationship wasn’t built in a day and your problems did not suddenly arise out of nowhere. So, be patient it will take some effort to unravel what has already been done.

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