Are Your Expectations Too Great?

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What are Your Relationship Expectations?

Everyone has expectations about dating and life, love, marriage, relationships. It’s one of our fundamental human traits and it’s not a bad thing. Having expectations can be good … and bad .. but not always.

What kind of an expectation is it to say ‘I do’ sat the altar and expect it not to last? That’s an example of an underachieving expectation if ever I saw one. Who embarks on a new relationship with their fingers crossed for good luck and expects the relationship to bloom? Who expects that just because they have grown in one particular area of life that their partner has moved seamlessly with them? Only a fool would assume this. As we grown and change so too do our expectations and if you’re finding you are out of step with your partner consider that your incompatibility might be the result of shifts in expectations.

Expectations are healthy when they are realistic. When was the last time you checked your?

When was the last time you checked with your partner, just to see that your expectations of each other, your relationship and your future align? Nothing worse than finding out too late that he was planning to have a big family and you’re set up for the big career. Or what about he assumed you‘d be happy to move half way around the world for his career but you thought you were starting a family and of course, you thought he’d know you wanted to close to your family for support.

Our relationship expectations change through life as much as we change and there is a very good chance that if we don’t check in with our partner regularly we will find our expectations are pulling us apart.

Make time now to check that your partner and you are heading in the same direction.

Watch the video and have a laugh. But consider the truth exposed therein.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.


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