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Relationship Dating Tips

This is a long video but it has lots of content. Let me summarise it for you and then you can decide whether to watch the whole half hour show. I’ll probably throw in my own comments as well! These guys go live everyday talking about relationships.

Tongue Kissing

  • well, Ive learnt something first off. Monkeys know how to kiss! (watch this video and be disgusted:¬†)
  • requirements: fresh breath; relax; its about connection not force

How Do You Let Your Date Know You’re Interested?

If you are compatible there are things that you will, or should start to notice (and somethings you can do to help things along).

Is there:

  • chemistry:¬†feel the connection?
  • watch out for the mirroring technique – it can be natural (in which case you are on the same page) – or manufactured (in which case you’re sending subconscious message to your partner)
  • light touches
  • humor, banter etc

How to Ask Her Out?

  • be prepared for rejection – there is a 50/50 chance you’ll get a no
  • keep it simple
  • it’s a sales proposition situation – dont set yourself up for a flat out no
  • ask indirectly: Im going ….do you want to come along?
  • one thing not to do is – do not stalk!!

Long Distance Relationships

  • is it a recipe for disaster? Are you setting yourself up for hurt, pain and disappointment – above and beyond the normal amount that goes with dating? These guys say yes. They arent big fans of long distance dating, unless it is for a finite time.
  • there is a difference between internet dating and dating someone you met in your every day life, I think. The rules are different because the circumstances are different.
There is more. So watch the video now and leave a comment below.

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