100 Reasons to Live Life

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“I am alive because…” An excellent compilation of reasons to live for those who are suicidal, from people’s comments on why and how they are alive now after they experienced suicidal crises. Helpful without being patronizing. Reminders like these at the right moment can save a life.

Reasons to Live Life

Does life ever get you down? Does finding love leave you lost and disappointed? Do you ever feel so lonely your heart aches? You’re not alone.

Watch this video and seek help if you need it. Reach out, be it to your spouse, your friend, your health professional or online and telephone counsellors. Believe it or not there are people who care and they will sit with you in your pain until you feel ready to move on.

I am alive because:

  • of my dog
  • of talking
  • of hope
  • I am loved, even if I don’t always feel it
  • of my decision to think about it and wait till the morning
  • someone told me it would matter to them if I died
  • someone helped me not to jump
  • I have reasons for living as well as reasons for dying

Suicide is everyone’s business. Make it your own. Reach out and talk. It is best to address the issue upfront. No shame; no blame. Just open talk.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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