Random Observations About Relationships

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Random Thoughts on Relationships

Are you one of those people who needs to be in a relationship? Are you always compatibility testing guys? Have you ever thought why?

Is it because you feel you’re nothing without a man? Do you think that having someone special in your life – someone who knows you exist and may even care that you exist – makes life worthwhile?

Many of us women fall into the trap of thinking that we need a man to validate our existence. Where did this come from? Hey girl listen up. You don’t need a man to add value to you.

You are just fine the way you are. So, stop all that negative self chatter about got to get me a man and start to appreciate what you have. You have you!

If you don’t think you are enough just the way you are, then what kind of guy are you hoping to attract with this attitude?

Stop apologising for being. You are great, with or without a man.

Check out the video for more random observations…

If you’re in a relationship, are you 100% certain that you have found the right person, for the right reason? Are you constantly falling in and out of love with different versions of the same sort of person?

If you are, then consider this, you might just be looking for a relationship for all the wrong reasons.

Think about it.


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