Pre Marriage Questions – What to Expect

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The Big Pre-Marriage Question

So, you’ve thought about it, you’ve talked about it and now you have decided to do it. Right? You’ve committed to each other, in theory at least, for life. You’re getting married. Congratulations. Now the fun really begins. Im going to suggest something pretty weird, upfront, here and now. You need to save your marriage before it even begins.

So, what do you do after the engagement party? You get practical. Yes, there are caterers to be organised and venues to be scrutinised. There are materials to be chosen and dates to be set. There are lists to be written and ……. wait …. have you put pre-marriage counseling on your list.

No, pre-marital counseling it not for losers. In fact, it is more likely to suit those with a winning mindset. So, are you a winner? Do you want to give your marriage the best shot you can?

If you do, book a series of counselling sessions with your partner (no point in going alone, and if he won’t go ……. well what does that tell you?) and be prepared to have your pre-marriage world shaken.

Shaken in a good way, but none the less, shaken. You will either end up in awe of  how compatible you two are or you will find out and get help at the same time with the issues that need addressing. Now; not after the ‘I do’ but now while you are still keen, fresh, in full flow of love. Now.

Now you have my thoughts on the Pre-Marriage Question…

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