Pisces Taurus: A Limited Love Match?

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Pisces Taurus Love


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Pisces: your dates are February 20 – March 19; your symbol is the Fish; your ruling planet is Neptune; you are a water sign; and your sign is mutable

Taurus: your dates are generally described as April 21 – May 21; your symbol is the Bull; you are an earth sign; your ruling planet is Venus; and your star sign is fixed

Pisces+Taurus – Love+Compatibility?

Pisces, you are everyone’s soul mate, or so it seems, even the Bull’s. Give each other space and ‘me’ time and you will get along well.

Taurus, you are known for your perseverance and this personal quality is enough to at least get Pisces’s attention.

Taurus, you will keep the interest of your Pisces partner if you are prepared to receive – receive all that the bountiful and nurturing – all that your Pisces has to give.

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