Horoscope Compatibility – Pisces and Pisces

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Can a dreamy Pisces find happiness and compatibility with another dreamy Pisces?

For a while, yes but eventually the dream has to be grounded. This is a physical world and while these souls may sing together in the zodiac heavens when it comes to day to day living a Pisces-Pisces will be difficult to maintain.

You share a deep intuition that is beyond this world but can this bond survive day to day living on the physical plane?

Keywords: Impractical, Delicate, Utopian

This is a fairy tale romance but, wrapped in every fairy tale, are ideals and dreams that often don’t stand up to scrutiny in the harsh light of day. This is why the Pisces/Pisces relationship can leave both parties euphoric or down right broken hearted.

While it lasts, this relationship will allow a depth of emotion and connection that few others will ever experience but should the dream be shattered then so will the hearts of two fragile people. Take care Pisces when dealing with your Zodiac Sign mate.

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