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Pisces and Leo Love


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Pisces: your dates are February 20 – March 19; you are a water sign; your ruling planet is Neptune; your symbol is the Fish; and your sign is mutable

Leo: your dates are July 24 – August 23; you are a fire sign; you are ruled by the Sun; your symbol is the Lion; and your sign is fixed

Just How Compatible are Leo and Pisces?

Pisces is usually out to shower the one they love with love and loads of affection and attention. This suits Leo just fine. To an outsider, this relationship looks like one in which the Lion rules and The Fish is happy to be submissive. However, things are not always what they seem when Pisces is involved.

Pisces, you are more secretive than your Lion partner and Leo, you love to put all of you out there on display for others to see and admire.

For this relationship to last you will have to indulge and accommodate the marked difference you have. Are you up to the challenge?

A Bit More About The Fish and The Lion

Pisces: you are free-spirited, independent, mysterious and malleable – meaning you adapt and change – depending on the circumstances and the person you are with.

Leo: Typically, you have lots of energy and enjoy being involved with things that are meaningful or social activities that are adventurous and allow you to expend some of your excess energy. As a natural born leader, people are drawn to you and typically they look to you for guidance.

A relationship with the Lion will always be fresh.

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