Pisces Gemini: a Good Match?

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Pisces – Gemini Love


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Pisces: you are a water sign; your ruling planet is Neptune; your sign is the Fish; and your sign is mutable, meaning your tendency is to be flexible.

Gemini: you are an air sign; Mercury is your ruling planet; your symbol is the Twins; and your sign is also mutable.

These two star signs are generally up for trying anything new and, within this astrological match, there is much to explore. Both Pisces and Gemini enjoy own personal freedom and, indeed, are happy to accommodate this quality in their partnership. Gemini, while you are attracted to Pisces’ sensitivity and wisdom, to ensure your relationship lasts, you need to hone your intuition a bit more, so that you two can develop a deeper understanding of your Piscean partner.

More about The Fish and The Twins

Gemini: Among your many qualities, Gemini are your good communication skills and your innate intelligence. You are also known for your ability to express yourself and for your critical thinking skills. Often, these personal qualities leave you wondering why you don’t see things the ways others do. However, when you come across someone who is quick-witted and a good conversationalist, with a natural ability to discuss things in a deep and meaningful way, you are immediately attracted to them.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and the most spiritually mature. Being a Piscean means being compassionate and able to love unconditionally. You are empathetic, genuinely care about your fellow man and will usually go out of your way to help someone in need. Your friends can count on you to be a shoulder to cry on. However, beware, as some Pisceans like to tell it like it is.

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