Is Capricorn Compatible with Pisces?

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Pisces Capricorn Love


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Pisces: your dates are February 20 – March 19; you are a water sign; your ruling planet is Neptune; your symbol is the Fish; and your sign is mutable

Capricorn: your dates are December 22 – January 20; you are an earth sign; you are ruled by Saturn; your symbol is the Goat; your sign is cardinal, meaning you tend to be driven

Pisces and Capricorn – Love and Compatibility

Pisces, you are the dreamer and who better to help you ground your dreams than your Goat?

Capricorn, you are so intent on matter and form and how things look and should be, whatever can your dreamy Fish offer you? Magic! Pure and simple, magic.

The Fish brings little bits of lightness, even flair and creativity, to your relationship. The Goat tends to be industrious and hard working and could, if Pisces is so inclined, form the bedrock on which the Fish builds their dream.

So, Capricorn, you need to appreciate your charming Pisces more – just like others do and Pisces, continue to weave your magic and don’t let Capricorn ground you down.

If you do, you will have a partnership that complements your personal natures and is likely to last.

More About The Fish and The Goat

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and the most spiritually mature. Being a Piscean means being compassionate and able to love unconditionally.

Capricorn: Your sign is tied to the earth and this affects the choices you make and the goals you set. Ever practical, linear, detailed, and steadfastly focused you, the Goat need to guard against becoming too anal.

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