How Vulnerable is Vulnerable Enough?

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Personal Vulnerability and Personal Connection

According to Brene Browne in the video above:

  • When you ask people about love they will tell you about heartbreak.
  • When you ask people about belonging they will tell you about exclusion.
  • When you ask people about connection they will tell you about disconnection!

At the heart of disconnection – not being able to relate to or connect with others – is shame. And behind that shame is fear – am I good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough (for what??) …….. etc…..

At the heart of shame is vulnerability. Those people who love themselves fully and unreservedly are open to vulnerability and exposing their own personal inner vulnerability.

Essentially, there are two groups of people: those who have a strong sense of love, belonging, and personal worthiness and those who struggle to attain this and spend a lot of there mind talk wondering if they are good enough.

What determines whether you are in one group or the other? Belief! That’s all. Beliefs are not fixed. You can change your beliefs. They are personal to the individual and they are fluid.

So, if your belief is that you are not worthy of love and belonging, and you want to change what you are attracting in your life, just change that belief. Get rid of the self limiting mind talk and start affirming you are good enough for all that life has on offer.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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