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Personal Development – Books

From where I am seated I reckon the key to any successful relationship – be it with your spouse, partner, children, other family members, work colleagues or friends – is knowing ourselves and what we want and need from each type of relationships. So, to keep love we need to find ourselves.

Admittedly, this is often a life long endeavor but hey – we all have to start somewhere.

So how about a bit of light reading?

From time to time, I’ll add to this list but here, for starters are a few books you might like to purchase or download (NOT affiliate links).

From Publishers Weekly: Carter and Sokol ( Men Who Can’t Love ) argue that fear of commitment affects women as well as men, and that both sexes crave the often conflicting conditions of intimacy and freedom. According to the authors, men tend to be more prone to “active” avoidance after winning over a lover. “Passive” avoidance, on the other hand, involves choosing someone who is unavailable–a woman falls for a gay man; a man becomes smitten with his married woman boss; or either sex subconsciously chooses as a love object a person who is an active avoider.

  1. IDENTIFY your Imago — the fantasy partner that your unconscious mind, which has a hidden agenda of its own, has chosen for you
  2. BREAK FREE from those patterns in your parents’ marriage that you have unknowingly accepted as your relationship model
  3. CREATE hope in place of despair, companionship instead of loneliness
  4. DEVELOP communication skills to turn conflict into contact — and togetherness
  5. TRANSFORM every past relationship into a source of positive growth
  6. DISCOVER the rewards of real love — and the little things that make it last [from the blurb]

Is someone else’s problem your problem? If, like so many others, you’ve lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone else’s, you may be codependent–and you may find yourself in this book. [from the blurb]

More than personal boundaries, this book is really about relationships–healthy and unhealthy ones. Here bestselling author and psychotherapist Charles Whitfield blends theories and dynamics from several disciplines into practical knowledge and actions that your can use in your relationships right now. [from the blurb]

So, now you have my ideas on Personal Development Books…


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