Have You Built Personal Walls or Boundaries?

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Do you have walls or boundaries around your


Walls are what women put up to ensure they have a barrier between themselves and men. So, do you feel you have, slowly perhaps over the years, put up walls to keep men at bay? This sort of behavior can be a good thing at the start as it helps keep your heart safe and reduces the heartache while you spend time and energy repairing and loving yourself. But what starts out as a good thing can end up being detrimental to your health in the long run.

In this video, Rori Ray makes this distinction between walls – which are usually put up as a response to hurt  – and boundaries.

Boundaries are what we put up on the inside to keep us safe. This is where the self preservation comes into play. Personal boundaries are a good thing; walls are bad.

Personal boundaries are the limits which we set for ourselves. They allow us to stay healthy in an emotional and a mental sense. They protect us and in a way separate us from others – in a good way. Those people who don’t have personal boundaries tend to erect walls and the amount of energy that goes into maintaining walls is high.

Much better to work from the inside out. The ideal is to construct boundaries and avoid walls.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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