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Should You Make a List to Help You Find the

Perfect Guy? Why not?

If you are a list kind of person then this seems like a particularly ‘in character’ thing to do. If you aren’t a list type person, you may struggle with this and maybe that tells you enough about not wasting your time.

The idea of a list is to refer back to it from time to time and if you’re not used to looking out for your list, then chances are your list of qualities for the perfect guy will be useless. So, I suggest either you change your habits and become an overall list type person or skip this post altogether.

The key to successful dating is doing your homework beforehand. And you, my lady are number 1 on the homework list. You need to know who you are, what has worked for you and what has played against you in the past.

So, are you the type to write shopping lists? To Do lists? Even lists for members of your family? If you do then go ahead, get out your computer or a pen and paper and start writing your list of characteristics that Mr Perfect must have and should have. There is a big difference.

What would you write? What would come out of your mind first? I think that’s an interesting point. WOuld you first words be about his appearance, his personality, his financial position or something else?

Just what goes at the top of your list may actually be what is most important to you.

Have you done a list, undated you list or thrown out your old list, lately?

If it’s time for an overhaul:

  • be realistic
  • remember your past – there will be certain things back there that you learned are non-negotiable. What are they? Make sure those things are at the top of your list.
  • be specific in some areas and broad in others, depending on what your priorities are
  • remember this is a guide, not a do-or-die list, and
  • the key to finding your ideal mate is to know yourself first and so, on your list write down what your core values are – these are non-negotiable and what are your beliefs and desires – you can be more flexible here.

When you’ve written your list, put it aside and come back to it. You will be changing – we are all changing – and so, your list will need to be referred to and updated. In that way, your checklist for the ideal guy can be like a barometer of your own grown and personal changes as well as a ready reckoner for dating.

So, now you have my thought on the Perfect Guy…

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