Do We Really Have the Freedom to Choose?

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Choice and Freedom

We live in a world where personal freedom is highly valued. People go to war for freedom – it is that important.

Have you ever thought about your freedom and your freedom of choice?

How many options are we confronted with today compared to 30, 50 years ago?

We get to invent and reinvent ourselves every day. Do you do that? When you get out of bed do you decide who you are going to be that day? Or do you perhaps decide before your feet hit the floor 🙂 No matter, the point is that we are surrounded by an overwhelming plethora of choice and that is not necessarily a good thing.

The huge amount of choice that we are confronted with every day has two negative effects. First, we are often times paralyzed with indecision. Ever known that feeling of not knowing which response to give, which thing to do next?

That’s paralysis and it is not a pretty sight to see a grown woman who is unable to move.

The second thing is that even if we overcome paralysis and commit to that guy, or buy that thing we suffer remorse.  The more options there are (two offers of a date? three marriage proposals? four different star sign lovers to choose from) the more likely we are to be disappointed. Mmmm.

What does this mean when it comes to love and relationships? Are those with fewer options  who are the “wrong height, wrong skin color, wrong religion – wrong whatever” happier with the choices they make? Apparently so.

There is also a thing called escalation of expectations. In this day and age we have come to expect choice – no matter whether it is in the work place, out family life or our love life. We expect variety and the freedom to choose – and we want that and a whole lot more – now.

In the olden days (before the Beetles) there was few choices to be made and limited options and people didn’t get the best. They sometimes chose the best of what was available and they lived with it.

Today, the element of surprise is what is missing. We are indignant if that girl doesn’t live up to our expectations. We are exasperated when things work, but not work really well. We have come to expect technology will have many function s- when was the last time a phone just did phone things?

What then is the secret to happiness?

Wait for it……… low expectations.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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