Why Men are On Line Dating Failures

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Online Dating Disaster

So, guys are online dating failures. Is that so? Apparently. According to Evan Marc Katz.

The scenario goes that guys throw their net wide – really wide and wait and see who takes the bait. Then, they slowly work their way through the list, letting women do the culling in the main, and just wait and see who are the last women in the game. Mmm.

Bit of self selection going on here. Is that what you want ladies? Do you want to win the guy just because you put in the most effort? No way!

No wonder guys suck at online dating. Women allow them to get away with being bad at it.

How low does your own self esteem have to be before you, dear ladies, say I know this guy is stringing me –  and a whole lot of other women – along? He is spreading himself thing just waiting to see who wants him bad enough to hang around long enough.

He has probably got 10 or 20 conversations going on, online. To keep that going takes energy and a whole lot of monitoring  and I bet most guys can’t even do that properly.

Ladies, if you must date online, keep your power. Let the guys do more of the finding and chasing. After all, isn’t that what they do well?

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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