Can a 1950’s Approach to Marriage Really Work?

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An Old Fashioned Marriage

There are so many ways to ‘do’ marriage.

Did you grow up watching those 1950’s sitcoms like ‘I Love Lucy’? I certainly did but Im not sure they formed the basis of my expectations for marriage. How about you?

In this video the couple have only been married a couple of years – early days in my book. While I like the idea of the 45 minute rule I’m cautious as to how it would work in a relationship with children. Surely, they are not suggesting that the kids be kept at bay for 45 minutes while Dad de-stresses?

We all start out being compatible in love but life changes and so do we.

Top Tips – not sure I agree with these – but here they are

  • men want to be the hero, so acknowledge all that he does whenever he does it (and vice versa??)
  • be intimate as often as possible
  • talk less – use bullet points

Every marriage or long term relationship has its rules. Most of these aren’t written down and they are learned by osmosis.

If you aren’t happy with the rules in your home change the rules or change your home. Dont put up with being unhappy or uncomfortable with the way things run. Chances are soem of the unwritten rules were laid down in another era, before children, after childbirth, during unemployment, with grandchildren.

Life evolves and so should the rules.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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