Neuro-Associative Conditioning and Self Empowerment

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Neuro-Associative Conditioning

One of the biggest names in self improvement, Tony Robbins is one of the biggest and oldest names in the self improvement business – and I deliberately call it a business because that is what it has come to be – a huge money spinner.

In this short video, David Riklan talks about some of the basics of what Tony Robbins teaches. You have to remember that this teaching came out of the 80s – and that was a very different time. It was a time of self love and self improvement and self empowerment. The keyword was – you got it – self.

Today, Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power program has many components including books, seminars, webinars and even one-on-one coaching and the principles of what he teaches were laid down in the 80s in his book Unlimited Power.

In this book Robbins lays out the four steps of what he calls his “ultimate success formula”. They are:

  • Precisely define what it is you want to achieve
  • Take action – loads of it
  • Continuously measure the success of your actions, and
  • Based on what you find, fine-tune your approach until your goal is achieved

Further, Robbins outlines what else may be necessary in order for you to achieve your goals. These adjustments may include changing your behavior and modifying your beliefs. Specifically, to achieve excellence Robbins suggests that we consider the following beliefs and adopt them if wherever possible:

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback
  • Whatever happens in your life, take responsibility for it – don’t blame others
  • It’s not necessary to understand everything
  • People are your greatest resource
  • Make work play
  • Success needs commitment

Originally Robbins ideas were based on the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Today, he espouses Neuro-Associative Conditioning, a derivative of the former.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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