Are Men Better at Getting Their Needs Met?

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Get Your Needs Met

Yes, men are better at getting their needs met. Does that surprise you?

In this video, comedian and therapist Connie Podesta teaches women, in particular, how to be more assertive, communicate more honestly and balance both career and home life and get their needs met.

Connie uses humor to make her points. So, why is it that guys tend to ‘sort by self’? They instinctively go after what they want. They know what they need and they seem to put on their blinkers and away they go.

Why aren’t women more like men?

Listen to Connie’s insights and decide if we are missing out! Maybe we can learn from the guys, put our own twist on it and keep love alive.

A guy gets what he wants. Why shouldn’t we?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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