Why Can’t You Be More Like Me?

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More Like Me

At first it’s… I love you. I don’t want you to change. Stay the way you are. We are so good together. You are so perfect for me? never, ever even think about being anyone or anything different. I love you!

Then, a bit further down the relationship track it’s…

I love you. I love so much about you. I’ve come to know you so well and we are really going great and… Would you mind it we chat about some personal improvement plans I have – for you, that is – not me. I love you!

Even deeper into the relationship, the asking stops and the telling begins…

I love you. And, you are going to have to give way on this one or I’m going to go mad. There is so much about you that I love and there are things that are really starting to annoy me. I love you though!

Be More Like Me

Why can’t you change? Just for me. Be more like me. Just for us. Be more like me. I’m sure we will be happier; I’ll be happier; even you will be happier – although you just don’t know it yet. I still love you! Be more like me.

So, can you change? Should you have to change? Why would you want to change?

Change is inevitable in everything. It happens without us having to do anything. it seems to be part of our evolution – sort of natural and nice and appropriate.

That kind of gentle change is not what this video is about. It is about forced change. It’s a forced remodelling, redesigning of your partner that doesn’t happen naturally but rather, is force upon them – by you, their partner.

Bigger, Better, Brighter

Sure we all want to evolve and grow and learn from living. But, when someone we love says, ‘it’s time to change’ do you have a choice? Should you have to make a choice? If they truly loved you, why are they asking you to make dramatic changes?

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