Are You into Monogamy?

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Monogamy – the True Meaning!

Are you for it or against it? You can’t have it both ways.

Such a complicated sounding word for such a straight forward behavior. But if that behavior goes astray, then keeping love will be difficult

Dr Fisher has studied pairing and she concludes (sorry guys) that we are a monogamous species.

Yes, we are programmed to pair up and mate and rear our young together. Just the two of us.

Monogamous Relationships

We are unusual in the animal kingdom. Few mammals are monogamous.

This quality is ancient in us and probably dates back to the female’s need to protect her young.

Watch this short video by Dr Fisher as she talks about coupling from a scientific viewpoint.

Re you and your partner compatible and in love? Are you monogamous? Is your partner monogamous? Do you know that for sure?

So, now you have my thoughts on Monogamy…

Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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